Why does your company need an open plan office?

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Let’s face it – there has been a lot of negative reviews on open plan offices. However, the truth is an open plan office will only be successful if it is designed with the proper acoustics, ventilation and layouts in mind.

Here are some reasons why GreenCherry recommends open plan offices:


Environmentally Friendly

This tends to be one of the main reasons people opt for an open plan office. The open plan office needs less artificial ventilation, lighting and building materials. A lot of materials are saved by having little or no dividing walls and doors.

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Cost Effective

Sharing desk space, walls and lighting is a far cheaper option than individual offices which each require their own set of services that add to a very costly interior.

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Problems get solved quickly

Employees sitting together in an open plan office tend to feel more relaxed when approaching another employees when help is needed.

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Space Saving

Open plan offices can house more employees in one area than the individual office.

Space saving


Controlled Environment

With the open plan office, management and team leaders have more control over what their employees are busy with.

Controlled environment



An open plan office is more laid back and gives employees more space to be creative and share ideas amongst each other.



In conclusion – there are a lot of advantages but also disadvantages to an open plan office. Be sure to contact a specialist when designing your open plan office. If the proper steps are taken you could also have a highly functional and productive open plan office.

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I will be posting some tips next week on how to create the perfect open plan office. So be sure to keep an eye on our blog!