How to create the perfect open plan office.

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After just a few years in the Design industry I have learnt the following 4 Golden rules that apply to an open plan office.

1. Dividers
This rule is by far the most important of them all. Adding dividers gives the employees a sense of privacy and protection.

i29 Interior Architects
i29 Interior Architects


2. Pause Areas & Meeting Rooms
There is nothing worse in an open office than when your fellow employees loudly discuss something while you are trying to reach a deadline.
Every office needs a few pause areas and meeting rooms where the employees can make a phone call or have a quick meeting.

Greencherry Interiors - PBT Group Meeting Room
Greencherry Interiors – PBT Group Meeting Room


3. Greenery
Except for the extra oxygen, plants and greenery greatly add to the overall mood of an office environment.

Nokia House Finland
Nokia House Finland


4. Storage
Open plan offices need more storage than the usual office. These kinds of offices tend to look cluttered rather quickly. Adding a few extra storage areas and setting strict guidelines is an efficient way to take care of this problem.

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